Tax Compliance Services

act as tax representative to prepare and file various tax returns, forms and computations to Inland Revenue Department

preparation and filing of Profits Tax Returns, Individual Tax Returns, Property Tax Returns, Employer’s Returns on employees remuneration etc

 estate duty clearance


Assist in handling enquiries from Inland Revenue Department, tax investigations, tax field audits and tax appeals



Tax planning and consultancy

Estate duty and stamp duty planning and advisory  



Tax Compliance Services                

prepare tax returns and tax computations and act as tax representative for clients

Negotiable. Free quotation available.   

prepare Employer’s Returns of Remuneration and Pension for employees for submission to Inland Revenue

Negotiable. Free quotation available.  

Other services

handle Inland Revenue’s enquiries and lodge appeals against tax assessments on behalf of clients

Depend on complexity of the case.  Free quotation available.

tax planning and consultancy

Depend on the time required and the complexity involved.

tax investigations, field audits, estate duty clearance and other services

Negotiable. Free quotation available.


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